Add a personal touch to your home or office with Kim’s wall art & photography!


I offer stunning photographs and prints from around the world that are easy to adore. From amazing landscapes and breathtaking sunsets to endangered wildlife and faces of our beautiful world! For our black and white lovers I have also monochrome works in stock. All of my work in the portfolio section is available for sale as framed or unframed print. A wide variety of different pieces gives you endlessly customizable decor possibilities.

Art is a very personal thing, and everyone experiences it a little differently. What you consider to be energetic or inspiring might be relaxing to someone else. If you’re passionate about a piece, go for it! That excitement has a big effect when decorating because your enthusiasm shows through in the way you highlight those room accents.



Where can you position art and photography in a room? Almost anywhere is ideal. One thing to consider is what you want that particular piece to accomplish. Is it a showstopper, your favorite masterpiece? Then you probably want it somewhere it gets noticed immediately, such as in the centre of an accent wall. Above a fireplace is another spot where people tend to look right away when they walk into a room. Other artwork is complementary in nature. Each piece works together to create a harmonious arrangement in the whole room.

What size of artwork is correct for different kinds of furniture? That’s totally up to your design vision. As a general guideline, however, many interior decorators recommend shooting for art that occupies about two-thirds to three-quarters the size of your furniture. Large art tends to get noticed more than smaller pieces. What if you have a long sofa or sectional and can’t find any art that’s big enough? One idea is to create an art grouping. Two or three similarly-sized photographs feel like a single unit. When it comes to height, it’s customary to hang art at eye-level. That’s usually between 1.5 and 2 metres from the floor, although you can feel free to place it lower if it feels more natural for the space. That’s often the case in dining rooms.

Large, open areas are a terrific opportunity to add a gallery wall to a room. A grouping of art or photographs that contains many different pieces. There are tons of different configurations so that you can improvise a lot. It’s usually easier to start by placing the centre photo and then work out from there. Arrangements vary from square to horizontal and everything in-between with as many pieces as you want.


Ready to become the proud owner of one or more of my works? The price per print depends on the material, the size and if it requires framing. Shipping all over the world is included. Please contact me to let me know your wishes and needs and I will get back to you with my rates within 48 hours.

I also sell digital copies of my photos, for example for editorial or commercial campaigns.


Do you like my photography style and do you need new photos for your (online) business or to decorate your home? Hire me!
As a professional photographer I am available for travel to most destinations around the world.

Any other photography and travel related collaboration in mind? I’d love to hear from you!